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Kutus Kutus Oil: The Origins

Kutus Kutus Oil: The Origins

The Story Behind The Kutus Kutus Oil


There is a saying that goes: ‘it is not about the fall, it is how you get up from the fall’.


To Mr Pranoto, the saying becomes quite literal. 


Having fallen into a hole, Mr Pranoto’s legs were paralyzed, yet, he didn’t let the incident dictate his life. Using his alternative medicine and herbal knowledge, Mr Pranoto invented an oil made of a blend of 69 organic medicinal herbs, then lathered them frequently on his legs. 


As a result of an amazing invention, Mr Pranoto no longer needs to walk around telling stories about his healing. The Kutus Kutus products’ success speaks for itself, as it quickly became the Indonesian household staple oil, often used when having cramps, tiredness, fatigue, headaches, etc.


This amazing gift of Mr Pranoto has already helped millions of Indonesians, yet, it turns out that the healing does not stop there. Having various demands in Europe, Mr Bambang Pranoto established Kutus Kutus International B.V. to help distribute & share his acclaimed oil into the European market.

Worldwide Business

Loved, adored and used by many, as of 2018, Kutus Kutus oil production has reached one million bottles per month with marketing throughout Indonesia. The Kutus Kutus products have successfully imported to countries such as Australia, Europe, the United States and Canada. In 2019 the Kutus Kutus oil sales figure has reached 5.7 million bottles per year.

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